Breakup status – breakup whatsapp status: Once in a person’s life, everyone finds the right person in their dreams, with whom they have unbridled love and are always happy. But sometimes, due to some misunderstandings, love and bond are lost and broken. Unfortunately, many small conflicts between people are not easily resolved and result in divorce or breakup between them. I am going to tell you one such story today.and with Breakup status – breakup whatsapp status.

Breakup status - breakup attitude status
Breakup status – breakup whatsapp status

Breakup status – breakup whatsapp status.

Breakup status – breakup whatsapp status

breakup attitude status

A Short Breakup Story in English

My name is raaj Prajapati and this is my sad breakup story which I am going to tell you all. I don’t see much handsome but there was a girl named pooja whom I loved very much and maybe she loved me too .. maybe!

This is the time of September 2018, when my and pooja’s talk was very less. I had asked pooja many times that nowadays why do you talk to me, is there any problem… is anyone disturbing… but pooja did not tell me anything.

Then one day at night 11:30 I was missing pooja and I thought why not talk to her. When he called, his phone was busy. I wonder why his phone is busy right now. I tried 2-3 times but was still busy. After a while pooja’s phone rang and she said that her friend Neha’s phone was there and she was asking about tomorrow’s college assignment.

I had a little doubt that pooja was talking to someone else.

Similarly, a month passed and in that one month pooja started talking to me very little. Now this thing started knocking me. One day when I went to the market to take something, I saw that pooja is sitting in a restaurant with a boy. My suspicions changed but I did not say anything to pooja at that time, I left there secretly.

After coming home, I thought a lot that this is not my love. I was very sad because I was feeling so lonely that day. The next day I called pooja and called her to meet her. I knew inside that this would probably be my last meeting with pooja, that day I was very emotional.

I met pooja… held her hand and I said what I had never imagined.

I told pooja “pooja … I loved you very much, my time, my heart, my feelings were all for you but you may have changed and there is no harm in it, every human being changes with time but at least At least you would see me once. Well I know that your affair is with someone else and that is why I want you to get rid of this bond. I don’t want you to be able to tell me anything for fear of breaking my heart, that’s why today I have come to tell you. pooja… I will never meet you after today and yes… I wish you all the best for your life and wish you to be happy forever in life. “

pooja was listening to my words without saying anything, perhaps she also knew that I had come to know about her affair. His eyes were also moist but now I did not mind.

What I learned after the break up:

That day I learned that he who cannot hear your silence can never hear your words too.

Never love anyone so much that it becomes your life. It becomes very difficult to live after that.

Love happens only once in life and so choose your life partner very carefully. Choosing the wrong life partner will only violate your emotions and feelings.

No one can love you more than the parents in this world. He may scold you but always wants your good.

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